ROAM Ropes Review

roam ropes review

How many times were you in a rush to get somewhere but wanted to listen to music while on your way in order to get that motivational kick from your favorite artist, only to find out that you’ve been untangling your headphone’s cables half way towards your destination. ROAM Ropes offer the easy solution for our problems with their Bluetooth connectable, exceptionally great sounding and practically designed earphones.

Bluetooth – Future of Headphones

More and more headphone manufacturers are focusing on wireless technology as of late, and so do the latest mobile devices. For instance, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus already have no 3.5mm output and soon most of the new devices will follow. This is because the old 3.5mm port is almost 50 years old now, and the time has come for improvements. Bluetooth headphones are already being sold more than regular ones which means that our days of untangling the cables are nearing the end; finally!

ROAM Ropes are powered by latest 4.1 version of Bluetooth which allows up to 30feet of range and improved data transfer. Simply double click the Bluetooth button on the EQ case and the earphones will pair with your device. This is ideal when working around the house as I was able to maintain the connection even when going upstairs and downstairs without trouble. Once you’re done using the earphones, remember to leave them together with your phone or you’ll end up looking where you left one of your devices afterward.

The battery can last up to 6-7 hours of intensive playing, once the music isn’t playing for five minutes the earphones will enter standby mode which saves the battery life. It takes about 15 minutes for the earphones to charge in order to be used for an hour. The micro USB charger is included with the earphones, as is the additional USB to analog cable adapter which can be used for listening to music though the regular 3.5mm jack while the battery is charging.

Comfortable and Durable Design

Along with the earphones, you will get Sure FIT clips in three different sizes; these clips will isolate exterior noise and allow you to fully immerse into your favorite music. Moreover, they’ll assure that your earphones stay put even while working out or running.

Available in various different colors with unique design, ROAM Ropes earphones have become somewhat of a fashion statement as well. The earphones are designed to be worn around the neck and by using its cable cinches you can easily adjust the perfect size for you. Cables are also attached to the EQ case which can be tucked beneath the shirt or worn as a necklace at back or front. The EQ case is where the Bluetooth, Lithium Polymer battery, and the 50MIPS 28-bit processor is placed; these components are responsible for top notch sound quality which is missing in ordinary earphones.

They’re made of quality and durable materials ensuring that you won’t need another pair of headphones in a long time. Covered by brushed titanium finish they give an elegant and modern look. Along with Sure Fit clips which make the earphones stay put, you also get four different sizes of silicone ear tips which will assure comfortable listening for hours to an end.

The microphone and a three button menu are placed on the right earphone which will ensure loud and clear communication. The buttons can be used to play and stop songs, navigate between tracks and manage calls and volume.

Sound Quality and ROAM EQ Application

All visual and comfort details aside, what really matters when it comes to earphones is the sound itself and that’s where the ROAM Ropes really shine. With the built-in amplifier and advanced EQ engine you’ll be able to personally adjust the best sound for you and listen to music as their artists intended it to be heard.

Along the ROAM Ropes you also get a free application for Android or iOS depending on your phone. In this application, you’ll be able to tweak audio to perfectly suit the music you wish to listen to. There are 18 presets already available for various genres such as: Rock, Classical, Hip Hop, etc. These presets were carefully optimized by professionals so that you may enjoy in the energy and emotion behind the music you’re listening to. As all genres focus on different audio settings which make the music unique, you will be able to easily adjust perfect settings using the ROAM EQ application depending on the genre of music you wish to listen to.

Audiophiles will have a wide range of tweaking available through the ROAM application as you can adjust audio settings such as: Bass, Warmth, Body, Clarity, Brilliance. Furthermore, by a press of the DSP mode button, you will gain access to additional preamp settings including Dynamic Bass Adjustments and Spectral Effect.

The 24-bit stereo DAC earphones are structured with two balanced armature drivers which deliver flawless mids and highs from 4kHz to 20kHz. The 10mm dynamic driver takes care of ultra-low distortion and heavy bass among the 15Hz to 4kHz range. Wrapped within acoustically sealed tips these drivers provide a signal-to-noise ratio of 98dB and sensitivity of 105dB at 1kHz with next to none audio distortion.


  • Even though most of the wireless earphones come without any cables whatsoever, ROAM Ropes have them but they’re well routed and adjustable. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about cables tangling. The main reason for the cables is the EQ case which serves as the amplifier for the earphones. The cables and EQ case look nice and can either be used as a fashionable necklace or easily put beneath your shirt. Having wires on wireless earphones is a small toll to pay as the sound quality produced is amazing and with their exclusive features you’ll be able to find the perfect sound for each song individually.
ROAM Ropes Review
  • Sound Quality - 8.6/10
  • Features - 8.9/10
  • Price - 8.6/10
  • Versatility - 7.4/10


The ROAM Ropes wireless are well-rounded earbuds that deliver a great performance due to the attached EQ case.


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