1MORE Triple Driver Earbuds Review

best earbuds under 100 2017
  • Great sound with a crisp and clear quality
  • Beautiful packaging and travel pack
  • Compact design that allows for comfort and control
  • Hard to find perfect fit inside ear


  • Triple Driver: These In-Ear headphones are equipped with three drivers. Combining two armatures with a third and separate dynamic driver provides a powerful listening experience that will change the way you listen to music. It turns regular headphones into a precision instrument when it comes to hearing every sound
  • Tuning: Luca Bignardi, who won a Grammy for his sound engineering, has expertly tuned these headphones to deliver accuracy when you’re listening to your favorite songs
  • Comfort: Each ear fitting is angled naturally to match your ear canals. And just in case the default fitting doesn’t quite match your ears, six sets of tip sizes are included to help you find the perfect fit
  • Control Technology: Equipped with intelligent technology, in-line controls are compatible with both Apple and Android operating systems to allow you to control volume, answer calls, and switch songs easily

The Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones by 1More offer a revolutionary experience for any and all music lovers. Offering an enchanting experience that combines volume and intimacy, these headphones are a steal for the inexpensive price. With gorgeous packaging and hi-tech features, you’ll be glad to have these 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones for those long car rides and airport layovers. Whether you’re an audiophile or just a fan of music on rainy days, these headphones will be a great addition to your backpack, car, office, or home.

The Design and Why It Makes A Difference

The Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones from 1More feature a revolutionary design that allows for mobility, comfort, and control. Each pair of headphones has a body made of a lightweight aluminum alloy. The surfaces are sandblasted with precision and textured to protect against fingerprints while still maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. The cable, on the other hand, features an intricate design of enameled copper on the interior coiled around Kevlar fiber. This combination increases the durability and strengthens tensile. Enhancement to the cable’s surface includes TPE, which gives it a type of softness, and nylon to prevent tangling and offer more resilience. With a black and gold color scheme, the Triple Driver headphones are classy, yet subtle, giving a serene look to the already flawless design. It is definitely clear that 1More cares about their products. They don’t just sell headphones. They sell an experience. An experience where you can take your favorite songs and artists to a whole new level with a stronger sound and sizzling experience of highs, bass, and mids.

The Technical Aspects of Things

With a frequency range from 20-40,000 HZ, these In-Ear headphones pack quite a punch. These frequencies provide transients in the music, which gives off a sonic quality you can normally only get from a live concert. They include a standard 3.5mm plug. To give the user an intimate listening experience, the Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones feature two balanced armatures, as well as a separate dynamic driver. This gives a powerful sound, while still delivering the feeling of transparency between you and your favorite playlist. The two armatures allow the headphones to endure high power inputs without the distortion that typically comes with it. Each armature is set in a silicone cover, allowing them to last longer and stay resilient. This triple layered driver is covered in two layers of a resilient polymer over an aerospace grade metal, which allows an increase in bass, definition, and midrange response time. On the higher end of the frequency range, we get clear and defined, while avoiding excessive. For the low end of things, it manages to escape muddy and overbearing and provide you with a present, tight quality. 1 more triple driver in ear

Protecting Your Hearing While Letting You Enjoy The Music

With oblique angles that match the natural curve of your ears, the Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones deliver on comfort. Due to the snug nature of the headphones, outside noise is reduced because of the increased noise isolation. 1More headphones are designed to protect against harsh bass sounds and treble boosting that other popular brands don’t consider in their product designs. These In-Ear Headphones are specifically made to produce a natural and balanced sound that will protect your ears from unhealthy volumes while still allowing you to enjoy music from your favorite artists. 1More is committed to giving you the sound you want while protecting your ears at the same time.

What’s In The Box

  • 1More In-Ear Triple Driver Headphones
  • Six individual sets of earpieces of sizes
  • Travel case with magnetic clasp
  • Storage case with attractive design
  • Airline adapter with quality dual prongs
  • Shirt clip

The Cost: Is It Worth It?

The Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones are being sold by 1More for $100. This isn’t the cheapest pair of headphones in the world, nor is it the most expensive. But now the question is, are they worth it? According to a large number of reviewers, the answer is a resounding yes. The headphones themselves are built well, with a Kevlar cord and aluminum enforced earpieces. The headphones come with a variety of foam and silicon ear tips to ensure that you can find the perfect fit for your ears. Though some complain that it is no easy task to find this fit, most customers agree that the dominating feature is the sound. The cord features an in-line remote and microphone and reduces cord noise. The sound is described as clear, clean, and rich, giving the user an intimate experience that still has quite a lot of power behind it in terms of volume and strength. When compared to other models, 1More’s Triple Driver Headphones block out external noise much better than other, more expensive models. Overall, 1More has done something unique in promoting an in-ear headphone product for under $100. And if the reviews are showing anything, it’s that you should get your hands on a pair because they are definitely worth it.

Does The Best Things Come In A Pretty Packaging?

1 more headphones

One aspect of these 1More headphones that people can’t stop raving about is the packaging. Users describe it as slick and sumptuous. The headphones come in a package that looks like a classic book. You can flip the cover open to unveil the contents. You have the headphones, wrapped up nicely, but you also have the six earpiece sets safely implanted into a card for easy storage, so you don’t lose them. You have a travel case that is about the size of a cigarette box, though it looks much nicer seeing as it is made of a hard black leather. The box also appears to have handwritten instructions for using the 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones. Overall, it is a stylish design with graphics and compactness.

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