The crowdfunded Nura headphones learn and adapt to your ears

Nura headphones

The $200 Kickstarter-campaign based Nura headphones ($400 when they hit the stores) might look like some regular over-ear headphones at first glance, but it isn’t quite that. The Nura headphones boast a very unique design as it also has in-ear earbuds inside the earpads. The main feature with the Nura headphones is that the headphones will automatically adjust to your own personalized hearing as our ears also produce sounds called otoacoustic emissions that the Nura headphones then analyze.

The earbuds have a microphone that can detect these sounds and analyze then. While, the Nura headphones aren’t meant for people with hearing loss, they will surely improve the listening experience if the claims hold water. The over-ear/in-ear headphones will then give you the opportunity to listen to those nodes that you would normally not hear in normal headphones.

If you’re an audiophile however, then these headphones are not the best choice for you. This is simply due to the fact that sound is modified in these Nura headphones and are therefore not the actual recorded sound from the source.

As of June 19, 2016, the Nura headphones Kickstarter campaign has racked in about 775 thousand U.S dollars. with 25 days to go.

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